Best betting sites in Kenya

Are you someone who is looking for an appropriate betting site in Kenya? If answered yes, you’ve come to the right place as we’re here to offer you a list of the most popular betting sites in Kenya.

With the proliferation of online sports betting, irrespective of which your favorite game is, you will find it on board accompanied with a wide array of sports betting options. In recent times, Kenya has accounted for a high record of online sports bettors following South Africa and Nigeria. Scroll down to know more on betting sites in Kenya.

Best betting sites in Kenya 2020

Sports betting experts always recommend you to never depend on one booking site or bookie in Kenya as all of them have different odds for matches. Here is a list of the best betting sites in Kenya, 2020.

  1. Sportspesa

This is recorded to be the biggest sports betting website in the nation. With its gaining momentum, it has garnered official sponsors of both international and local clubs. A bettor gets varied betting options and great odds from this website. Nevertheless, the transaction costs when you use mpesa are pretty expensive. You’ll always get the highest jackpot with Sportspesa with no delay in receiving your winning amount.

  1. 1Xbet Kenya

As soon as you sign up with 1XBET Kenya, you gain 200% initial deposit bonus. With your first deposit, 1Xbet will offer you a matching amount and thereby double your amount to SH.10,000. For instance, if you deposit 10,000, you’ll gain access to SH.30,000 to place bets on this site.

  1. Sportybet Kenya

One among the recently launched betting sites of the nation is Sportybet. Already bettors deem this site to be the easiest to use in the nation because the odds are pretty high. If you register through the invite link, you’ll get up to KSHs 1000 in the form of cash gifts over your initial deposit.

  1. 22Bet Kenya

22Bet is one of the leading sports betting website that was launched lately in Kenya. This website offers you rather high odds on tennis, football and other sports and this ensures that they have a higher ranking among bettors all over the world. Use the special invite link to sign up and get a bonus on your deposit up to 15,000 KES immediately.

  1. BetPawa

One of the favorites among the bettors is BetPawa. This website is run by Gaming International and this is undoubtedly one of the most user-friendly websites that you can use for betting. You’re allowed to bet with as low an amount as Sh1 and they even offer in-play betting. This website is extremely light and can load fast on majority of the devices.

Kenyan government online betting

Best betting sites in kenya 2020There’s no doubt when we say that gambling is extremely famous in Kenya. For several years now, both online and offline gambling have seen immense growth. Hundreds of millions of dollars are bet on here every year. However, it is sad enough to note that the government of Kenya has cracked down on gambling.

The Kenyan Revenue Authority claims that there are several sports betting companies that owe millions of dollars to the government in the form of unfulfilled taxes. This is why the HRA has suspended the licenses of 28 gambling companies. As per claims of the government, companies owe $586 million to the Kenyan government.

The future of Kenyan online sports betting market

In spite of the fact that the Kenyan government generates more than Ksh. 200 billion in the form of yearly revenue, a single move by the government has cracked down on the companies that have been evading taxes. Both the betting companies Betin and Sportspesa have exited the industry due to this crackdown.

As long as African betting is concerned, Kenya has always been on the forefront. This has led to increased interference of the internet and usage of smartphones. The plethora of betting sites operating in Kenya welcome bettors with open arms. Among these, there are international companies like Bet365 and Betway.There are new laws being imposed with heightened taxes and this is being done to tie the hands of few operators that had constantly been dodging their taxes. The government of Kenya genuinely believes that this is a reasonable step that has been taken.

Moreover, the domestic laws that are implemented by the Kenyan government make it even tougher for the home-grown betting operators to claim their share in the mammoth industry. There will be an increasingly large number of foreign operators who would be taking advantage of the present market space despite the current state of the market.


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