How to Bet on Sports – The Different Types of Wagers

How to Bet on Sports – The Different Types of Wagers

How to bet on sports – Different types of wagersIf you search Wikipedia, you’ll find the definition of sports betting to be an activity where bettors anticipate sports results and place a bet on the result. Though this definition appropriately describes what sports betting is all about, the term itself is vague and ambiguous. That’s because it is an umbrella term that comprise of various other related activities. One of the most common ways of betting on sports is through fixed odds betting.

While there are few types of sports betting that are comparatively new, there are several others that have been around for a longer time.

Moneyline Wager/Win Bet

Both moneyline wager and win bet refer to a similar kind of wager. All over the globe, win bet is used but moneyline wager is being used only in the United States and other regions. For this kind of wager, the term ‘straight bet’ is also used alternatively.

A win bet is one of the most famous wagers that bettors can ever place. This is partly because win bet is simple to understand and partly because it is said to be the most conventional way of betting on different sports.

Point Spreads

Point spread wagers are immensely famous in the United States, particularly for soccer. They are placed on basketball games but they can be used for an array of sports as well. A point spread wager is referred to as straight bet in America. Point spreads can be used outside US as this is a universal bet type. Though point spread betting might look complicated but it is pretty straightforward to place your bets this way.

Handicap BettingWin Bet/Moneyline Wager

Handicap betting is almost equivalent to point spread betting. Handicap betting properly bestows the opportunity to enhance your likelihood of winning. This type of betting is used in several parts of the world and for different types of sports.


Over-unders and totals are two terms used for the same wager. Here, the idea is that a bookmaker decides on the total number of points, runs, goals that are scored in a game. They later on provide you with the betting option on whether or not the actual total will be lower or higher.

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