Guide to Betting Parlays

Guide to Betting Parlays

Guide to Betting Parlays

For all those who are looking forward to make big winning amount by taking minimum risk, you’ll probably love to know about parlays. These bets are often referred to as either accumulators or multipliers and are designed to give bettors an opportunity to win big without staking huge amount of money. Before we move on to know how parlays are powerful, let’s take a look at what they are.

What is a parlay?

As mentioned earlier, an accumulator and a parlay are the same thing- a kind of wager where you can do multiple selections through the same ticket. Each and every wager has to win in order to make a parlay bet become successful. Even though one of the chosen wagers loses, the entire stake will be lost.

It is a group of multiple individual bets (2 or more) which are connected and treated as one big wager. But why would you group several bets together and coax them to be interdependent? The reason behind is that the sportsbook will pay you more funds for rightly choosing multiple single bets at the same time. There is increased risk in this kind of bet and hence a higher reward should be offered for making this bet.

Calculating parlay payouts – The processCalculating parlay payouts – The process

The first and probably the simplest way of calculating parlay payout is by betting online. The online websites compute your potential payout as and when you keep adding games and bets. They will help you get a clear idea on what you can win before you place your bet. This is undoubtedly the easiest way of calculating parlay payouts. Another smart way is to use an online calculator.

What if a bet pushes?

One of the most vital questions that need to be addressed here is what happens when a bet pushes. The practice is to treat the bet as if it weren’t a part of the parlay. Hence, it is recommended that before choosing a bet, read the fine print carefully.

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