Guide to Point Spread Betting

Guide to Point Spread Betting

Guide to Point Spread BettingIf you’re someone who has been placing wagers on American sports, then it is most likely that you’ve heard of point spreads. Most of the wagers include bettors who take a side in a game that happens between 2 teams or individuals. However, all sides are not created equally. A point spread is utilized by oddsmakers to make a matchup even from the perspective of betting. They do it by assigning fewer or more points to the final score of a team.

What is a Point Spread Bet?

In the world of sports betting, this is definitely one of the most common questions. A point spread is how teams of different levels of skills are all handicapped and set against one another. It deals with the number or the points that one side is giving to the other.

Though each team may comprise of the same number of players, they might be following the same rules or even play the same games but their skills are never going to be equal. In order to account for the team inequality, a point spread is used to matchup the skills of both teams.

In the odds board, you find a team followed by minus sign and a number; this means that the team is favored by that number of points. In case of a plus sign, this means that the side is the underdog. In short, point spread is the calculated prediction of the amount a team will lose or win by.

Point spread payoutsPoint spread payouts

How will you be paid when you correctly choose a winner? The best thing about spread bets is that they will pay out an exact same amount irrespective of which team wins the bet. One of the ways you get point spread payouts is through the ‘shorthand’ version. In another way, you see both bets will pay out at a rate of -110. This the standard payout process for most spread bets.


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